About the Baking Belles

Baking Belle
I started this blog because I have a passion to bake and cook.  I am far from being a professional but practice makes perfect, right?  We shall see!  I have fabulous children who will try all my new concoctions, even the disastrous ones!!!  My boys keep my life very interesting and fulfilling.  I can honestly say I am one lucky Belle! 

I was born and raised in a small town in Georgia. 
I feel VERY fortunate to have grown up amongst some extremely talented women whom  I consider to be the  best cooks of all time.  I would much rather eat a family meal with them then to go out to dinner at any restaurant  Now, that says something, don’t you think?  My Aunt Anne has compiled a cookbook of all the recipes we use on a regular basis.  I am going to start posting them and as we cook them again, I will post pictures.   A lot of cooks start with recipes and then either memorize them or quirk them to their own tastes.  We are going to start watching Grandma VERY closely to try to capture these recipes that we have grown up eating and continue to write them down.  This is true Southern Cooking…..at its best and I am being taught by some of the best! 

**  I must add that all any recipe I use from a website/cookbook/blog, I will make sure I give credit to them.  Even if I alter a recipe that someone has shared or I have found, I will make sure I post the original and where I found it.  Many Southern recipes have been passed down for many years and have different variations.  I have no intentions of trying to claim anything to be my original recipe unless it is something I create or that is one of my experiments in my kitchen.  As you will see, I often do have disasters!  :)

Mama Belle & little Belles
My mother is an amazing cook!  Even though she doesn't think she is.  :)  My father will not eat chicken at all....so many of our beef recipes on this site are going to come from Mama Belle.  We also share our passion for baking.  There will be many Sundays that I call Mom to tell her I have baked a chocolate cake....and she will have just pulled one out of her own oven.  Great minds think alike.....especially if it involves chocolate. 
Mom raised four of us kiddos so she was always VERY busy.  I will share a lot of her recipes that I ate growing up.  Definitely my favorite is her Cube Steak recipe....it is even better that it is a Crock Pot recipe!

Grandma Belle
My grandmother is Queen of Southern Cooking.  She has been cooking and baking for years.  Her food is the best I have ever had.  I have many fond memories of being on her farm and eating all of her delicious meals and treats.  She has taught me over the years and I have hopes to continue learning all her tricks of being such a fabulous cook!  Many of the recipes on here will be from my Grandmother and food that we cook on a regular basis for our family gatherings or holidays. 

Baking Belle, Annie Bell & Mama Belle
Annie Belle is my aunt who shares my other passion (still food related)..........COOKBOOKS!!  We always share cookbooks....I will get to work and there will be a new cookbook for me to look at.  We just LOVE them....love to look at them, love to cook from them, love to give them to each other as gifts......like I said, we are both obsessed.  Annie Belle gave me one of the best gifts I could ask for, she handwrote an entire cookbook of our family recipes.  I have cherished and thoroughly enjoyed that cookbook.  I plan to share many of those recipes on here! 

And, of course I have to share some pics of the little Belles!