Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Baking Wishlist!

Toffee Caramel Chocolate Chip Bars via Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

The Chocolate Cola Cake via May Flaum's blog

Big Girl Smores Pie via Cookies & Cups blog
** I live in a household of S'mores Lovers!  This one is a 'must try'!

Oh, yes, I DID! I tried them ~ Oreo/Brownie/Cookie Bars!!

Do you like Oreos?  Yes.

Do you like brownies?  Um, yes.

Do you like chocolate chip cookies?  Well, of course. 

Well, how about all THREE, in one bite?  Yes, I will take one of those, PLEASE!

This is a recipe I found on Pinterest Yes, I am a tad bite obsessed with Pinterest and my new found love of the recipes I find on there and have gained a tad bit of weight from this obsession but we shall move on.  I am sure everyone around me is enjoying this obsession as well because the good thing is....I share.  :)

I made this recipe for my Mom's birthday and it is great!  Not as rich as you would imagine..not an overbearing richness...just simply perfect. 

Here is the recipe via Kevin & Amanda

A layer of cookies followed up with a layer of oreos..

Here comes the brownie batter....

Ready to bake. 

End result!

Now, check out the inside!


Top with ice cream and enjoy!

Fall Celebrations!

I love Fall...I love every season really, but I love all the holidays in fall because it gives me a reason not that I really EVER need one to bake and cook.  With all the Halloween parties - school and our neighborhood parties - I got out the recipe books and my new and favorite guilty pleasure - Pinterest!  I found a recipe for a cookie icing that I wanted to try.  It is really easy to paint on and it dries really pretty so I used it to decorate cookies for my son's class.  I used my sugar cookie recipe that was passed down through family members.  My mother-in-law shared it with me and it really is the BEST sugar cookie recipe I have every tried.  I will have to ask permission to share that one publicly.  ;)

I also did another cute idea from Pinterest.  You take Nutter Butter cookies, dip with in white chocolate and add two mini chocolate chips for eyes. They were really good and cute! 

Here is the recipe for the icing:

Here is the end result!

My little ghosts!

...and pumpkins!

Nutter Butter Ghosts

Nutter Butter Ghosts

Chicken Spaghetti ~ Pioneer Woman Recipe

This is BY FAR my favorite new recipe that I have tried lately and it was a hit in our house.  It is from the Pioneer Woman.  Every recipe I have ever tried from her website has been DELICIOUS!  Here is the recipe from her website:

The Pioneer Woman's Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

I followed her recipe except I used a rotisserie chicken for a quick week night meal.  It was supposed to be a quick meal...unless......you have an evening like I had last night.  I mixed everything up, popped it in the oven AND forgot the chicken.  So, I pulled it BACK out of the oven, added the chicken and put it BACK in the oven for 45 minutes.  I went to get it out and I FORGOT to turn on the oven.  I had a definite case of mamma brain last night.  Geez!!  On a normal evening...this is a fast fix and it is so good!!  Try it and let me know what you think.

You just mix everything together.

Add noodles and mix.  Cook @ 350 for 45 minutes! 

  • Then EAT! 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

LONG time, no POST!

Okay, okay...I am guilty as charged.  I am guilty of BLOG NEGLECT!  I WILL get caught up on here and I HAVE been cooking.  Fall festivities have taken over my spare time!  So, stay tuned......here's a little sneak peek of what I have made in the past few months.