Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oh, yes, I DID! I tried them ~ Oreo/Brownie/Cookie Bars!!

Do you like Oreos?  Yes.

Do you like brownies?  Um, yes.

Do you like chocolate chip cookies?  Well, of course. 

Well, how about all THREE, in one bite?  Yes, I will take one of those, PLEASE!

This is a recipe I found on Pinterest Yes, I am a tad bite obsessed with Pinterest and my new found love of the recipes I find on there and have gained a tad bit of weight from this obsession but we shall move on.  I am sure everyone around me is enjoying this obsession as well because the good thing is....I share.  :)

I made this recipe for my Mom's birthday and it is great!  Not as rich as you would imagine..not an overbearing richness...just simply perfect. 

Here is the recipe via Kevin & Amanda

A layer of cookies followed up with a layer of oreos..

Here comes the brownie batter....

Ready to bake. 

End result!

Now, check out the inside!


Top with ice cream and enjoy!

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