Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Oreo Truffle Pops & Heart Shaped Pizzas!

Our Mini-Pizza Crust

I love holidays and they are even more fun when you have kids because you get to break out all kind of cutesy recipes!  :)  For Valentine's Day, we made mini-heart pizzas and Oreo Truffle Pops.  They are both fairly easy and very festive. 
Our finished project

We used Pillsbury thin crust pizza dough.  I rolled the dough out, used a heart shaped cookie cutter and baked them @ 400 for approximately 10 minutes depending on how big your hearts are.  I let them cool overnight.  The next day, the kids sprinkled them with the toppings of their choice and broiled them for approximately 1 minute.  We used the mini-pepperonis and they were so cute!  The kids loved them!

For the Oreo truffles, I make the truffles and after they are completely cooled, I insert a sucker stick for easy handling and to make my bouquet/center piece. 

The recipe is:
1 box Oreos
1 8 oz block of cream cheese @ room temperature
your choice of melting chocolates (I use white chocolate)

You crush all the Oreos up in a blender of food processor.  After they are all crushed up, add in the block of cream cheese and mix.  Refrigerate the mixture for about 1 hour.  Roll the mixture into balls and dip in the melted chocolate and add sprinkles!  Super cute, yummy and a great center piece!

Oreo Truffle Bouquet


  1. Love your Valentine's ideas! I have the oreo balls recipe, but have not made them. I also have cake ball recipes and have made them. They were a big hit! You simply buy or make a cake without frosting. (I've even used pumpkin bread.) Then crumble the cake and mix it with a can of cream cheese frosting, roll into balls, and dip into white chocolate, or I guess chocolate chocolate would work too! You can't put these in the refrigerator or freezer though because once they are removed, they start to sweat and then get sticky and are a mess to eat. I would think if you were to make them up ahead of time, you can refrigerate or freeze them befor dipping into the chocolate and then do the dipping the morning of the day you are going to serve them. I like your idea of the sucker sticks, especially for kids!

  2. Hi, thanks so much for following my blog. I'm following back.

    Oreo Truffle Pops sound awesome! I'm going to be jumping on the cake pop band wagon with a gluten free cake pops recipe.

    Have a great day!

  3. Oh thanks Julie!!! I have heard of doing that but I have not tried it..Yet. :) The possibilities are endless...and they are so fun and cute for the kiddos.

    Lisa, I really enjoyed your blog! I have sent it to one of my good friends that has 3 kiddos. She loved it, too! Thanks for following my blog! :)

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  5. Love the small heart shaped pizza's!!!! Next year, if I don't forget, I'm gonna do these!!!! For some reason, we do pizza almost every Valentine's day, HAHA!!!

  6. Thank you April! And, they actually taste good, too! ;) I used the new Kraft cheese that has the Philadelphia cream cheese it is really yummy! My family loves Pizza!