Monday, April 4, 2011

Bad to the Bone ~ Beer Can Chicken

Okay, I have to admit........I am a complete weirdo when it comes to meat.  I cut all the edges off my steaks on the rare occasion I eat them and I don't like to eat chicken off the bone...........or any meat off the bone for that matter.  Wings are a HUGE no-no.....there is no way I am putting my teeth on a chicken wing bone.  I guess there is always an exception to anything......and this chicken is mine.  It is delish!  Very tender and although it is on the bone (and I quickly take JUST the white meat off it so I can get that thought out of my mind) it is still a WIN in my book. 

You just take the chicken, half a can of beer and a lemon (or lime).......insert the lemon and beer can (1/2 full) into the chicken, season outside and grill for 3 hours @ 300 degrees.  Enjoy!

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